I am a Mom of 6 boys. Wife of a high school basketball coach. Doodle and Poodle mom. I love Canon, shoes, rose gold, coffee, the Enneagram, dragon drink from Starbucks, working out, and deep conversations.

My favorite part of any photography session is catching the real moments when you were not expecting me to shoot. Those in between moments are most often the magic that you most want remembered. Being mom of so many kiddos I definitely have experience in crowd control, diffusing temper tantrums, distraction tactics, dealing with crazy aunts and uncles and taking chaos and turning it into art.

I am an on location, natural light photographer. I do not work in a studio. I prefer realistic natural art and making each session as unique and custom to the client as possible. I don't use lighting or a flash unless it is an event. I work with the sun, so during the day time hours,... however cloudy is just as good as full sun... in fact it can be better. Because the majority of my sessions I am using natural light the best times of day are within the first few hours after sunrise or the few hours just before sunset. Those are the magical hours. However I am not limited to that time frame, but I will be able to deliver the best product to you if we schedule between those times.

Every single session is about YOU and YOURS!

I like using things that are meaningful to the client.

If we are capturing children this is a great way to remember your/their season of life. Whether it is a blankie, favorite book, stuffed animal, hat etc. This season will fly by too quickly but having those items included will preserve that memory forever.

Maybe a Graduating Senior who plays in a band, a sport, plays a/some musical instruments, letterman jacket, items for their future college or career ETC.

A couple who loves reading and drinking coffee together {I did one of those check out the album for couples}.

Incorporating personal items is a great way to remember that season of life and to make it even more about you.

Session and images
I try and have fun while doing my job! I hope my clients relax and enjoy our time together.

I give FULL RESOLUTION images in an online gallery. The higher the resolution you can enlarge your portraits without losing quality.

I do touch up and overall editing to enhance every image. I try and keep my editing as natural as possible while enhancing the image and giving it an edge that makes it more art and not just a picture. I do extra touching up to HEADSHOTS & SENIOR portraits.

If you feel you need extra touching up please place a request to see the options.

You can find more details about my style, pricing, how I work, contact info, examples of my work all in the tabs at the top of the page.
I would love to work with you and capture memories today that you will treasure forever!

 *A special Thank you to Shelia Parodi & Leslie Avila, my fellow photographers and friends, who captured three of the images above.